Home Tickets
Home Tickets will be ordered no later than 4 weeks before the game. Any members who would like tickets closer than this must purchase their own, but are very welcome to join Nottingham Whites on the coach. Home tickets can be paid for on the coach on the day of the game, HOWEVER if you fail to turn up and pay for the ticket, you will still be expected to cover the cost. Away Tickets Nottingham Whites will order away tickets for members of Nottingham Whites and Leeds United, in accordance with the rules and regulations laid down by LEEDS UNITED. We are bound by these rules, please see for details.

Members will receive notification that an away ticket application has been successful, as soon as possible, by text from either Sarah, Rich or Andy. ALL MEMBERS will then be expected to pay for that ticket within 7 DAYS. All unpaid tickets will be returned to Leeds United after this period. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS, unless previously agreed with one of the Committee members.

Travel to home games Departure times for Saturday home games –

Cathedral at 11:00 and Phoenix Park at 11:15

Departure times for mid week home games –

Cathedral at 16:00 and Phoenix Park at 16:15

We charge the following (approximate) prices to travel to Leeds and back;
Adult (members of Nottingham Whites) – £12
Adult (non-members) – £15
Juniors age 12 – 17 and Seniors – £7
Juniors under 12 – £5


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