Nottingham Whites bus mystery. Day 4

As you can see we have had no response from the public. Does no one know or have any idea what might have happened?

An anonymous source has sent in a photo of the leader of the Jägerbombers, Daniel Grant. At this stage we cannot tell exactly what he has done but it would appear that Nev is unconscious.

We have received this photo, with no explanation or ransom note, from an anonymous source.
We can now name the other Jägerbombers on the trip. Liam, Murray and Sam ( note to self this person keeps appearing as a suspect) as well as the Whites widow Sheena (Known as this as her partner Andy Mac – another suspect) is always away following Leeds United at least that is what he tells Sam Wright.

The Whites widow, tries her best to hide  from the camera behind her pint glass.

The Whites widow, tries her best to hide from the camera behind her pint glass.

Footage of the bus has emerged with two incidents of note.

Firstly it appears to have escorted a Police van into the ground at Burnley.

Secondly we have an unconfirmed sighting with it heading towards Elland Road late on the Saturday night after the game. We are not sure if the driver was at the wheel or if it was on automatic pilot. Could it have been controlled by the chairman from his simulator at home?

One worrying factor to emerge is that Richard Sturman the Chairman, who wasn’t named as one of those on board was always out of his head when seen in his homemade bar, where he has his bus driving simulator. Does this mean that he has been spending years and many thousands of pounds trying to drive while drunk! Did he concoct a deadly cocktail which has put the occupants of the bus in a stupor. Data from the simulator together with the tab from the local off licence are being examined.

untitled 2
We have also recently seen the never ending roadworks on the M1 and are working our way through the traffic to see if it is still on the M1. What once was a journey of one hour up the motorway can now take up to two weeks!

A. Corn Travel has been traced to an owner in Cagliari. I’ll nip over and check this lead when I get a chance!

A final theory ( I am getting bored now). Did Chad fill the bus up with fuel at any stage? He has used this tactic before to try and avoid getting to his destination. Research has revealed that there are 634 petrol stations in a 100 mile radius and these are now being checked.

Don’t forget if you have any news or any idea what has happened please get in touch.

Show your support for the Nottingham Whites 24 by booking your place on the bus this Saturday. Once it’s found, we will have it setting off from the Cathedral at 11a.m. picking up afterwards at Phoenix Park and J27.


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