Nottingham Whites bus mystery Day 3!

Police have been analysing the recording of the conversation with Andy Mac and have now been able to give further information which could help.

The bus driver’s Oh hell could be OL for the post code of a proposed juice stop before the game. Worryingly though, the police could also hear singing in the background.

“It swings to the left
It swings to the right
The suspensions knackered
This bus is shite”

Police are now trying to contact the owners of the bus A.Corn Travel.

Police report a sighting of the bus around the notorious M62 pick up/drop off triangle. It is a mystery which has been seen a number of times previously. The bus comes off the M62 to pick up, but fails to make it back via the same route. In previous cases, although it has taken a while, the bus always made it back to the M62. This time it would appear it did not.

Having been in touch with the Landlord Of the Far Home Tavern he confirmed our worst fears. There were jägerbombers amongst those in the pub. CCTV clearly shows the leader of this militant group, a Daniel Grant boasting of the fact.


Checking his family’s history we found that his father Granty was not with the party due to being injured in what is believed to have been a previous jägerbombers attack. Due to this he currently walks with a limp and is due to undergo surgery soon. (Government warning Jägerbombers damage your health.) A Nationwide alert has also been put out looking for Nottingham’s most notorious jägerbombers Sam Wright & Jordan, who strangely were absent from the party on this trip.

Rumour spread that someone (who shall remain nameless) had a ticket for the Scottish League Cup Final , which was held in Glasgow the day after the bus went missing.


I decided to follow up this lead myself, but could find no firm evidence that the bus had travelled that far. My findings show that Nottingham Whites were nowhere to be seen as they couldn’t possibly be anywhere in a crowd of red, see here.

As you will see we have had no leads from the public. Please remain vigilant and if you have any information please be assured that the source will not be revealed.

Despite the current situation we are still taking bookings for Saturday’s trip to Elland Road for the Millwall game.


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