Nottingham Whites Bus found!

Bus found abandoned, but no sign of any Nottingham Whites

Bus found abandoned, but no sign of any Nottingham Whites

The missing bus has been located, however there is no news about the 24 Nottingham Whites on board. It is currently being investigated for any clues.

Have they been captured by Jägerbombers ?

Is the chairman, who is also drives a bus for his day job, involved in any way? We have found that another member of Nottingham Whites also has a bar in his house, is this also a simulator and would Sam Wright be sober enough to have played any part in this?

Apparently A.Corn Travel is owned by the Italian King Of Corn, one Massimo Cellino. They are trying to prove the link by checking the tax records for A.Corn Travel but are struggling to find any records!

The latest theory to come in. Regards another two occupants of the bus. Mr Paul Wardhaugh and a Mr Philip Anstey. It is alleged that whilst they always buy tickets for games that they let others use them! Were there people on board this trip travelling under false membership cards.

It is also alleged that at the previous away game they sent other Nottingham Whites colleagues to random pubs in London, just by showing the taxi driver a photo of a pub. They promised to meet them there but never showed up. Did they lure they other member of Nottingham Whites to a pub elsewhere, could they all have been in stuck inside a pub for 5 days? In the previous case the victims survived, but was this just a trial run for something more sinister?

Well I suppose the good news is that having found the bus we can confirm it will be definitely leaving from The Cathedral at 11a.m. (11.15 Phoenix Park, 11.30 J27) this Saturday for the Millwall game which kicks off at 3p.m. There may still be places available if our colleagues don’t survive, get in touch and book your place. Come and show your support for your team, also you never know what might happen!!!


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