Nottingham Whites bus disappears!

Unconfirmed reports this evening suggest that the bus carrying 24  Nottingham White fanatics, failed to return to Nottingham this evening.

Have you seen this bus?

CCTV confirms that the bus had been driving erratically going round in circles the wrong way in a car park on the M62, at around 11a.m. on the morning of the match.

Reports of sightings around the M6 near The Britannia Stadium, have yet to be confirmed but speaking to local residents they say that the bus passes there every match day , no matter where Leeds are playing.

Reports of another sighting outside an off licence were instantly dismissed as it is known that the Chairman, a devout no alcohol allowed on my bus on match days, would not tolerate such a stop. (If this was to be confirmed it could explain everything.)

Police in Nottingham have said they are looking into the psychological background of the main people involved with this group. The chairman, who has a built in bus driving simulator hidden behind a bar dedicated to our team in his house and the secretary who is the last person police have heard from, a faint voice on the phone, believed to be the secretary Andy Mackay, was heard saying that people were looking at him. Police believe from the sound of his voice that his life was in serious danger. Police analysed the recording and in the background the driver could be heard saying Oh Hell. They weren’t sure if he was in distress  (whilst eating his KFC drinking his Coke and driving.)

Could these two have hijacked the bus? God help those souls on it if they have! It is not known how long people can last listening to Andy Mac preach about his fashion looks whilst listening to The Specials

The first conspiracy emerged late this evening. It is alleged that plans for the bus were discussed at 5 a side football on The Forest Recreation Ground last Wednesday. (Where they play every week kick off 8 p.m. everyone welcome). The opposition Nottingham Forest Young Boys were seen to  be listening in on the plans in awe of such a travelling support. You might think that they may be behind the disappearance and their performance on the football field could betray them, as they couldn’t organise anything and were soon 5-0 down.

When questioned about their performance that night and the disappearance of the bus they had to admit, they have no defence!

Whilst it is believed they had food on board, Sam  (aka Messy ) was seen boarding the bus in the morning eating his first Burger of the day, and announced after finishing this that he was still hungry. It is hoped that we can find the bus before he turns to canibalism.


Now provided we can locate the bus, it will be leaving from The Cathedral, next Saturday at 11a.m. Phoenix Park 11.15a.m. for our home game against Milwall, if the occupants of the bus aren’t found there will be plenty of spaces on the bus, so get in touch now to book you place.

Please let us know if you have seen the bus, or any of the occupants, we’ll keep you informed as soon as we have any news!


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