January Quiz

Thanks to Steve Parker for compiling this months quiz which reflected going ons in 2012.

1. Name the 4 sides to score 4 or more goals against Leeds at Elland Road in 2012?  

   2. How did Pat Rollins, deputy police chief of Illonis, play a major part in a famous sporting victory in 2012?

  3. What connects the following sports stars during 2012 Ben Foden, James Toseland, Kevin Pietersen, and Gerard Pique?

4. On which ground did Leeds win their first game under Neil Warnock?

5. A Dutch cyclist who competed at London 2012 shares the same name as which iconic US TV Character?

6. What surname links a player from each team who both missed penalties in the Carling Cup shoot out?

7.  Who was the only nominee for Sports Personality of the Year not to win an Olympic gold medal?

  8. Against which team did Thierry Henry score the winner on his second debut for Arsenal in January?

 9. Which team shocked Brazil to win the men’s Olympic football final?

 10. Sarah Attar was the first female athlete from which country to compete in a track and field event at the Olympic Games?

 11. Mick McCarthy, Andre Villas Boas and Roberto Di Matteo were all sacked following Premier League defeats to which club?

 12. Which South African athlete competed in the 400m at both the Summer Olympics and the Paralympics, winning Gold in the latter?

 13. Which boxing trainer, famous for being a corner man for Muhammad Ali died in February this year?

14. Who did Tom Queally partner without losing during 2012?

15. Name the 8 players to captain Leeds during 2012?

For the answers, click here.



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