Minutes 17 February 2014

The latest meeting of Nottingham whites was held on 17/02/2014 at The Grovesnor public house and was attended by 23 members as foretold by David Batty. (I hear he is wearing a Ross McCormack shirt for the next meeting so get there early!)

The minutes from the meeting are below

1 . Apologies were received from
Paul Wardo

2. Away tickets

Now taking bookings for the following away game

Middlesboro and QPR .. both games now complete as far as interest goes

Burnley away 15th March .. Tickets have been requested by the following people

Andy Mac
Sam N
Liam Folkard
Dan Grant

Bournemouth away 25 March returning 26th March
Andy Mac
Rich Sturman
Maurice + 1
Bails + 4

If anyone else wishes to go either game please contact Andy asap

4 . Please can all members try to give as much notice as possible to Rich on whether they will be travelling to any game or not , even if you think Rich already knows your plans, can you still contact him to let him know for sure… as you can imagine there is quite a big difference in cost between a 19 seater and a 29 seater coach . It is a massive help to Rich to know who is or who isn’t travelling so as to avoid over booking or under booking the correct size bus.

5 . Bank account …

The account as taken quite a negative impact over the last 2 years due to dwindling attendance on the home coach this due to various reasons such as poor form on the pitch , dodgy leadership in the boardroom and most of games our being televised at silly times.
The account is still relatively healthy , but we cant afford to keep losing money especially on home games

6 RMC …

Should we stay or should we go ? There doesn’t seem much opinion on this subject either way , and the shadow of new ownership doesn’t make the situation any clearer !! Andy will make some enquires with Leeds Utd and see what if any benefits there are on us rejoining the RMC scheme. Watch this space !

7 . Any other business

Only one item was raised , that being an end of season bash or just after the end in memory of Tony Buck and David Stanforth . It was felt that waiting for warmer weather might encourage more people to come along and raise a glass in honour of two of our band of brothers … and sisters.
This event will be discussed in more depth at the next meeting

8 . Next meeting

Hopefully this will be held on Monday 14th April .. TBC

9 . Quiz

Another great quiz from Stevie Parker ( thanks ) … won by Graham , Holly , Liam …. and one other !!


Anyone wishing to purchase tickets for the playoffs …. you came to the wrong meeting !!

Marching On Together

Andy Mac


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