March Quiz Answers

26 Points were up for grabs and this months winning score was 16, Can you do better? With cash prizes on offer this time, it may be worth your while to come to the next meeting and find out!

1.  Can you name the 8 players who’s surname begin with D to have scored over 50 Premier league goals (1 pt for each)

  Kevin Davies, Brian Deane, Jermaine Defoe, Clint Dempsey, Paolo Di Canio, Didier Drogba, Dion Dublin and Damian Duff.

2.  Which iconic 1980s science fiction movie features the Replicants?

     Blade Runner

3.  In terms of Elvis Presley hits what is the significance of Way Down?

His first number one single after his death.

4. Which defender was signed by Don Revie in September 1972 from St Mirren for £30,000?

Gordon McQueen

5.  Wigan Athletics appearance in the FA cup quarter final on Saturday was only the second time in their history they had reached that stage. Who scored the goals that beat them in the only previous appearance in 1986?     John Stiles and Micky Adams

6.  In the USA what is Marine One?

The helicopter that transports the US president.

7.  Europe and the USA contest the Weber Cup in which sport?

Ten Pin Bowling

8.  On what 3 grounds did Leeds United play their first 4 home matches of 1971-72 due to Elland Road being closed.?

Hillsborough, Leeds Road and Boothferry Park

9.  Which 2 Italian league clubs are based on the island of Sicily?

Catania and Palermo

10. Georgetown is the capital city of which West Indian island?


11. In terms of geographical location what is the significance of Arbroath’s home ground Gayfield Park?

Closest British ground to the sea.

12. David McCallum and Joanna Lumley played the title roles in which 70 and 80s tv show?

    Sapphire & Steel

13. What surname links the referee from the Leeds v West Brom game in April 1971 and a member of the 1993 FA youth cup winning side?

  Tinkler  (Ray and Mark)

14. Who are the only French side to win the Champions league?


15. Which ex Leeds united defender was signed in 1993 having made 558 league appearances for their previous club and also won 68 international caps scoring once.

David O’Leary


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