Minutes 11th March 2013

Meeting attended by 15 members .. whilst we appreciate that Leeds united aren’t exactly exciting news this season , it would be nice to see more members attending all meetings to give us your voice and support and helping us run your club
Many Thanks to David Staniforth for all of his great work on the website over the last few years (round of applause) …  and thanks to Ross for picking up the baton and taking the website onto a more interactive involved site with news reaching the site as it happens  … sometimes before it has even happened !! For those reading this message you obviously use the website , please pass the message to any other member you speak to on regular basis that this is the best format to find out all you need to know on what is happening in the world of Nottingham whites
It was mentioned that from next season on away travel the coach may stop off for refreshments for no longer than an hour max , this will depend on a few factors on any given game and will be put to a vote to those travelling on the day … with as always the majority vote rules .. this will be fully discussed and put into place at our next meeting . At this stage we are just informing all members that didn’t attend the last meeting so as you are all aware to plan this into your travel times.
Our annual daytrip to Scarborough 2013 will be on again this summer , hopefully we will have all details for you at the next meeting.
Meetings on the bus was mentioned as an alternative way to get messages to more members that don’t attend meetings or use the new website… this is still open to discussion for the memberships opinion.
Happy Mondays ? Are all members happy with our meetings being held on a Monday ? are all members happy with the venue ? If anyone would like to offer their reasoning for a different day or an alternative venue , bearing in mind that wherever the venue is it will always be easy for some and difficult for others to get to … town centre would obviously be the fairer choice , but it has proven difficult to find a suitable venue in the city centre .. however all in put would be greatly appreciated .
With only 8 games to go would you please let a committee member know asap if you wish order a ticket or if you wish to travel to any of these games. 
30th March Ipswich Town                          3.00p.m.       (away)
 1st April      Derby County                          5.05 p.m.        (home) Watch Leeds 4 less!
 6th April    Charlton Athletic                     3.00 p.m.       (away)
13th April  Sheffield Wednesday            12.30 p.m.        (home)
16th April  Burnley                                     7.45 p.m.        (home)
20th April Birmingham City                  3.00 p.m.        (away)
27th April Brighton & Hove Albion       3.00 p.m.         (home)
 4th May   Watford                                  12.45 p.m.        (away)
Finally the Quiz won by team Ross and Toots each winning £4 and donating the rest to the Peterborough bus fund .. thanks for a great quiz Steve Parker and thanks to all those who attended the meeting.
Next meeting to be confirmed … watch this space

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