April Quiz Answers


1.  Can you name the 10 players who’s surname begin with b to have scored over 50 Premier league goals (1 pt for each)

  Darren Bent, James Beattie, Dimitar Berbatov, Dennis Bergkamp, Craig Bellamy, David Beckham, Peter Beardsley, Lee Bowyer, Nick Barmby, Mark Bright

2.  Andorra is a small principality situated between which two countries?

     France & Spain

3. Who sailed in the Black Pig and had an enemy called Cut Throat Jake?

Captain Pugwash

4. Which character has been played on screen by Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner?

Jason Bourne

5.  What was unique about the hat trick scored by Matt Le Tissier against Nottingham Forest in august 1995?     

    All from set pieces.

6.  Which fish does caviar come from?


7.  Who did Howard Wilkinson replace as Leeds manager?

Billy Bremner

8.  What is the common name for an analgesic drug?


9.  What was Madness only UK number one single?

House of Fun

10. Which Leeds midfielder was sold to Aston Villa in 1995 and was then sold to Spurs 2 years later?

Steve Hodge

11. What is missing in the following sequence? Barcelona, Atlanta, ???, Athens, Beijing, London


12. The midlands Grand National is run on which race course?


13. What name links the killer in the Halloween films and Dr Evil in the Austin Powers films?

  Michael Myers

14. Other than athletics with 7 winners which sport has provided the next most winners of the Sports Personality of the Year award?

Formula One

15. Who scored in both the FA Cup final and the replay againsxt Chelsea in 1970?.

Mick Jones


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