“What the f**k is going on?” I hear you ask

Well the bus will leave as normal today at 11 o’clock and we will shortly be having a meeting on a Monday soon. 5 a side football continues on the Forest in the rain every Wednesday.

Oh and it appears that GFH sacked Brian McDermott at 8p.m. last night. Yes the same people who posted an article on the Leeds website the previous day confirming  that they supported the manager and worked hard to forge closer links with both fans and the local community.

Ross McCormack has been the subject of several transfer bids and issued a statement earlier in the day stating that he was really happy at Leeds under Brian McDermott. After the sacking Leeds rejected a 6million bid from Cardiff at McCormack tweeted “Lets all be united tomorrow. An unreal atmosphere and 3 points and move this great club forward. See yous tomorrow!”

It appears that the Italian Massimo Cellino is behind a takeover deal which is currently expected to go through. As he has two fraud (must be a friend of someone else we know) convictions it is likely that his son will front the consortium.

It has now leaked that Brian refused to allow Gianluca Festa a place on the bench for the Ipswich game, so now that Brian is no longer there who do you think Our new Manager will be. I shouldn’t worry though apparently, Cellino has sacked 34 managers in 20 years, and he has built a new stadium, had it torn down and moved the club 40 miles.

It has also emerged that Luke Varney refused to play last Tuesday, and Brian quite rightly stated that if he did not want to, then he shouldn’t play him. I know in the real world where we work this would be ludicrous, but things are different in football and if you don’t have the right mental attitude it is the correct thing to not play him. Well apparently the Italian has blocked his move.

What happens from here?

Catch the bus or come to the meeting to find out.


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