Things to look forward to. (11/3/14) Posted after 5-1 defeat to Bolton

Promotion cancelled. Play offs cancelled. End of the season – May 3rd. Bro’s do – June 7th. Start of next season 9th August. 16th August if in Premiership. Cancelled.

Kebe and Stewart never playing for us again.

A takeover being completed and funds being put in place to buy quality players for our club for the future and not journeymen looking for an easy pay packet.

Oh and in case you don’t know Sean Dyche was at our last two home games, so you may think he knows all about us. But wait for this he left both games before Matt Smith came on. Yes a player who can bring others into the game and create/score goals. He also missed Leeds version of our Sam (Messy), that is Rudy Austin scoring with a one in a million strike!

If you want a break to get away from it all why not come to Bournemouth on Tuesday March 25th. Two travel options available, going down on the train on Tuesday and staying over, returning Wednesday, we have space available in a car that is travelling down and coming back the same day (leaving early afternoon). Tickets are currently available for the game to supporters who have purchased 5 away match tickets(as at 17/3/2013).

If the above fails to give you something to look forward to then we can rely on our Chairman to put a smile on your face with his mixture of cocktails. Here he can be seen concocting his sangria, but if you ask he’ll do his speciality for you, a Rumbongo. When asked about the ingredients to this speciality we were informed that it consisted of Rum, (obviously) and umbongo!



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