The Bate escape

Last away game of the season and Nottingham Whites head off to Birmingham dressed as convicts (for various reasons!). The reason so many were found guilty appears to have been the fact that they have no defence (spot the similarity).

The two most phrases heard throughout the day were…

“I thought stripes made you look thin”

“Where’s Ross”

You can judge for yourself about the stripes, (but I suspect pinstripe suits may be the order of the day next time) and of course guess which photo is of me!

The day was a resounding success as despite various discussions with people in authority throughout the day. We brought every one home (Graham was given an escort to Derby) and the team scored 3 (three) goals to secure an away win.

Noel Hunt and Ross McCormack weren’t the only ones giving their shirts away it is believed that Liam gave his away as well, didn’t see Ross Or Noel wearing his though!

To see the photos click here. You can also see Rich Sturman, Richard Clarke, Andy Mac, Murray and Sam performing That’s Cellino, click here for this exclusive!


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