17th July

Just in the airport now awaiting our flight back to Stanstead.

A very good performance last night especially considering how warm it was. Then back into the square in Murska Sobata for probably the best night of the holiday. Plenty of singing with the locals (who happened to hate Hungarians) and alcohol consumed.

Picture below of the staff in the bar we made our local for two nights. Match-worn Ross MCormack shirt from last nights game! We are welcome back any time apparently.

Been an amazing week…

photo copy 4

15th July

photo copy 3

Probably my last chance to you with all the travelling we’ve got to do tomorrow and Wednesday.

Started to die down a little after the chaotic weekend, a lot of people have gone home or moved on to Murska Sobata for the final game.

Been a nice couple of days doing nothing but eating and drinking around the capital.

Don’t know if you have seen the following video?

See you at Walsall!

14th July

Another eventful couple of days in the sun.

I don’t think the players/staff or security knew what they were letting themselves in for when they pulled the official team coach up outside the Leeds pub opposite the ground. 200-300 drunken Brits abroad!

Awful game of football which was just fizzling out when they equalised. The Leeds fans enjoyed their goal music so much we spent the last 10 minutes supporting Domzale. Chants of ‘let them score’ …. And they did.

Unbelievable amount of Leeds out here. The bar we have based ourself in has made a killing, so much so that the owner got us a free round in yesterday afternoon! All 40-50 that was in there.


photo copy 2

12th July

We got the train back across that had 3 changes including a bus transfer which all together took around 4 and a half hours!

We checked in to our hotel in the capital where we will be staying for the next 4 nights.

We went out to have a look round and a quiet drink last night which turned into an early hours sing-song in the main square.

Leeds seem to be everywhere, and their is a lot more coming today. I think Saturday night will be brilliant. I’ll send some stuff through on Sunday hopefully.

photo copy

10th July

Arrived in Trieste on Tuesday and made our way across the country for the last two days. Weather is perfect and beer is cheap!

Good little ground we visited last night. 3-1 win and a good night out after which was aided by Brian McDermott giving us 50 euro for the first round.

At least 50 Leeds in a bar with Glory glory Leeds united on (videos to come).

Making our where back to Ljubljana today where we will stay for 5


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