Mr Cellino, welcome to Leeds United ( In the words of Ross)

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Whilst Leeds fans made it clear yesterday that the felt the Football League is corrupt for the best part of ten minutes during the second half at Wigan. I would say that a more appropriate chant would have been “You don’t know what you are doing”.

This chanting appeared to encourage the referee Neil Swarbrick to confirm the supporters thoughts as three decisions did not go our way culminating in the 81st minute when Stephen Warnock was thrown to the ground by Emmerson Boyce in front of the ref who looked on through the eyes of Arsene Wenger.

The Football League’s reluctance in being able to apply their own rules, simply means that they should be rewriting them immediately. As Conservative MP Damian Collins stated “The rules are a sham and not fit for purpose”. Who wrote the rules?

Why they didn’t choose to wait for the outcome of the appeal in Italy, I don’t know. After all this is what they appear to have been frightened of.

They were in a no win situation, but based on their rules, Cellino clearly met their criteria. You didn’t have to be an independent Q.C. to work that out.

The fact that the Football League would not take the responsibility of accepting Cellino makes you wonder even more when the decision to accept was issued with a qualifying statement “that this was not a matter about individual personalities”. So if it wasn’t about them and Massimo, just what was it. (I’ll let you answer and list other matters between Leeds and the authorities over the years.)

As for the translations in the decision I wonder if Brian can see the writing on the wall when he read about dolo eventuale?

In the words of Proffesor Maffei, Professor of Criminal Procedure at the University of Parma. ( I wonder who he has connections with!)

Ciao & Forza Leeds


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