Massimo Cellino (31/03/2014)

Whatever your opinion of what is going on at the moment you should have to heard the latest covert conversation, (It now appears to have been removed) held with Massimo Cellino last night 30/3/2014.

To give you a taste of what is in it her are just a few of the alleged quotes from it.

They did something bad the last ten years to the Leeds fans.

You realise, that the only chance is for Leeds as a club to survive is up to Italian stupid guy like me that went out to buy the Leeds.

With the income of £28,000,000 per year. Eighteen million on wages. For the shit team like that! You shouldn’t spend £5,000,000 on wages not eighteen.

The season ticket you have to sell in May when they know which division we’re doing. When we’re going to tell them what we’re doing. When we’re going to buy back the stadium because the stadium belongs to Leeds, not to the fucking people that ‘s threatening our stadium. Then we start the season ticket. In May.

Its like if you have a bar, or a pub and you sell your refrigerator to buy the beer. Where you fucking put the beer if you don’t own a refrigerator any more.” (This was about not owning the ground).

They don’t speak English in Italy

You don’t buy fans, my friend.

The fans are not for sale.

Oh the team is-a shit. It’s a great club. It’s a great club. The only thing thats worth in the club, the only thing that in the club, are the fans. ….. The fans are the more important thing in the club.… the treasure in Leeds… are the fans. Where do you fucking get the club that’s taking a twenty five thousand people going to see their match. Where else in the world? Where?

The worst team I ever seen in my life.

The only asset nobody can take you that is worth a lot, a fortune, there’s no money to buy, are the fans. You don’t buy the fans. Never.

You can buy a bitch, for one night, but you don’t buy the love, my friend.


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