Leicester Away 11/8/13

Nottingham Whites joined up with Donny Whites for our short trip down the road to Leicester. In a bid to catch the Nottingham Whites acting naturally, I travelled independently (via East Fife the previous day) in order to see them in action.
                                                               Click on the photo if you want to see more!
The day started peacefully as you can see not a drop of juice was consumed at the stadium. However it didn’t stay that way for long.
Some might find the results disturbing, so children you have been warned.
Having mentioned in his profile that he is the best player at Leeds Sam Northridge can be seen trying to get his place in the squad by singing the name of our Manager. I was later informed that this also acted as his warm up before playing football. His fame has got to the extent that the Leeds fans even sing about him. You may have heard it on the terrace and not realised.
The song goes something like this;-
Oh, Sam Northridge
I just don’t think you understand
‘cos if you play him
You’re gonna have a diet on your hands
                                             To see the video click on the photo
 Make sure you keep up to date, by checking the website especially the Travel section, now the new season is upon us. After all you wouldn’t want to be caught napping!

IMG_7616  Click on the photo to see more!

P.S. Where’s Liam.


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