Has the world stopped going round?

We are all going through a difficult time right now, so I thought it was time to share with you some of my thoughts and explain some of my actions.

As a season ticket holder of 34 years, with a further 10 years to serve, and having attended well over a thousand games. I today witnessed the heaviest league defeat inflicted on my club (1959 was the last time) during my lifetime.

Recent results and performances are as bad as they have been, we all know which part of our song this relates to – and if these aren’t the downs then we really are in trouble.

We haven’t had any contributors to our About Us section recently. So here are some of my ramblings from my own website.

There have been comments wondering where I have been when not seen on the Nottingham Whites organised transport, I can assure you that the majority of the time I have been there (with Blackburn and Yeovil being recent exceptions due to trips to Serbia and Croatia). Anyway for the early kick offs that we have, I enjoy going to see another game of football, preferably at non league level. Partly because it can cost just £5, you can drink beer at the game (if you want!) and it is refreshingly honest, with players giving everything.

This Saturday 11th, I went to Parkgate near Rotherham (in case you don’t know Phil Anstey has played there). In the first minute there was a 50/50 ball between the goalkeeper and the onrushing centre forward they both went for the ball and the centre forward went down as a loud crack was heard. Yes, for the sake of Athersley Recreation he was prepared to break himself in two. Not once during our game earlier in the day did I see such commitment. He was O.K. by the way.

Next Saturday I will be doing my thing and going to another game, this time it will be to see Yorkshire Amateurs only problem is I am not sure if it’s the game at 12.15 or 3!

As for the world stopping. No it hasn’t, the bus for Leicester next Saturday leaves at 8.15 a.m. get in touch now and book your place. See you there.



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