Fancy Dress (Watford away May 4th) competition results!

The winner…..The man behind the Brian McDermott mask. Sam Wright takes yet another Nottingham Whites award.

A late entrant, in keeping with his character (although I think he stole the idea and didn’t bother going to Wilkinsons) was Rich Sturman. Although having done my research I found that the Hulk did make his debut in gray. Rich  decided to play the part of a gigantic, grey, irradiated, mutated humanoid monster with incredible strength, and an inability to control his rage (resulting from the opponents scoring a goal). Well that’s my theory but another rumour says he was drunk and amidst celebrations during the game swapped his top with the young lady standing next to him.

After all the build up, and what seemed like an easy win, Sams hopes of winning the Fancy dress competition dissappeared as Wilkinson’s didn’t have enough paint to cover his body green.

However, displaying his cheeky smile earned him a place in the top three.

Click here to see the photos.


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