End of Season Awards 2012-13

Best Performance at Elland Road, there is no doubt in my mind that Becky is the clear winner (and  following Paul Green’s performance at Birmingham I wouldn’t be surprised to see her take his place). As a supporter it would take some doing to beat Andy Mac’s against Brighton!

“Best Attendance record”, Sam Wright boasts a 100% record suffering every match this season. This also places him high up in the “No of pints consumed whilst going to watch Leeds.”

“How did I get there award”, In the end I decided to split this into three sections, as there were so many nominations.

For solely getting to the game Liam is the winner of the Reggie Perrin excuses. Every Saturday Liam Kirby would leave Nottingham Trent University Campus (except when he is delayed by security for trying to walk off with their laptop) five hours before kick off. He would walk down the A453 and catch the 53 bus. Get off in Market Square, walk up Beastmarket Hill and head for the coach parked outside Nottingham Cathedral. The bus has left and Liam randomly decides when to ring up and announce his reason for being late. (You can see Liam’s own words in the comments below, but to hear the full story you will have to buy his book, or read his blog!).

For returning home it has to be Graham. Who is modest in saying there isn’t much of a story to tell (again see Comments below for his version of events).  But basically he got on the wrong train home and fell asleep at the end of the line. Which just happened to be Worksop. It could have been worse, I guess…if they did overnight trains to Inverness from Nottingham then I think Graham would have won the award outright.

No surprises that Sam Wright gets a mention in this category for the round trip he did to Burnley taking 36 hours. (Again see comments for his version).

The “Most Drunken performance”.  After much deliberation Paul Wardhaugh is declared the winner for his performance at what he describes as his best day out with Notts Whites……what I remember of it. To turn a lethargic 3-0 defeat on the pitch, to your best day out must have taken a lot of beer.

Jordan could have won it, but not making it past the turnstiles at Sheffield Wednesday means that effort doesn’t count.


6 Responses to End of Season Awards 2012-13

  1. Andy Mac

    I didn’t think war and peace would be quite fitting for leeds united Ross, Not much peace following Leeds and to much WARnock until he peaced off at last .. Anyway I just want to pass on my thanks to everyone involved with nottm whites for sticking with it through one of the worst periods on and off the pitch in living memory .. Special thanks as always go to Rich for his tireless dedication to getting us all to the game , sorting some cracking juice stops and keeping order when required ! Also thanks to Sarah for keeping the bank balance in order and the tickets On order and finally thanks to Ross for taking thewebsite on to the next level and into almost tabloid levels of stories and pictures for us to splutter on our cornflakes to the Sunday morning after the Saturday night before . On the awards front there are to many deserving a mention so my nominations are for drunken performance goes to everyone after the Huddersfield game which was the same game that took graham on a midnight train to Georgia via Worksop .. For fan of the year I also give graham another mention for the derby away game when he came from derby to nottm to catch the coach back to derby then came back to nottm for a Xmas drink before getting the last bus back to derby ( we think ) but the only winner could be Sam Wright for not only doing all 54 games , but for doing them whist warnock was at the helm .. Congrats to Sam ,I don’t think anyone would be daft enough to challenge him on doing more away games next season !!! Finally I am currently working on a project to catalogue all of my leeds games , scorers and grounds … It would be interesting to see everyone’s list and memories of fav games etc .. See you all next season Andy Mac … MOT

  2. Graham Fisher (aka The Wanderer!)

    Sorry to disappoint you Liam but I managed to make it home OK after the Watford trip, despite having to negotiate a tram, train and bus in the process. And if I had of fallen asleep on the train (which I didn’t) I would only have ended up in Matlock. I shouldn’t have had that last beer in Millers Barn though, it went straight to my head!!!

  3. Liam Kirkby (aka The Student or Where’s Liam!)

    Out of the two of mine, Wolves is the best in my opinion. Missing the bus by a couple of minutes (and not being on Rich’s list to be travelling to Molineux anyway!), having to catch a train to Lichfield to catch up with everyone else and yet still somehow being around for the vast majority of the trip!

    Graham may have another tale to tell us for best drunk award as well. Sam and I left him on the tram to the station as we’d got off on stops before, with Graham himself sheepishly admitting how drunk he was! As I say, I got off at Market Square, so I have no idea if he managed to get home without another random excursion before Derby!

  4. Chad

    Defo Graham the winner in my book!!!

  5. Graham Fisher

    Not much of a story to tell, I only fell asleep on the train from Nottingham. Unfortunately it wasn’t the train back to Derby. Aided by one or two juices, I’d mistakenly got on the train to Worksop and immediately fallen asleep, waking up on the approach to Worksop thinking “I can’t see Pride Park out of the window”. And it was the last train of the night; the next train back to Nottingham wasn’t until 3 pm on the Sunday. The local Travel Lodge was apparently fully booked (Worksop must be popular for a night out!) so I ended up having to get a taxi back to Derby, costing £60. Got home at 3:30 am on the Sunday morning, having left home at 7 am on the Saturday. And we’d lost to Huddersfield to make things worse.

  6. Sam Wright

    Not to forget Jordan’s drunken performance at Sheff Weds where he didn’t actually get in…

    How did I get there must be yours Ross, with your £1 mega bus’!
    Although I did do a bus to Derby, national express coach to Leeds, supporters coach to Burnley and back, taxi to Kippax, stayed over, bus back to Leeds, national express back to Derby and bus back home . . . 36 hours, two days of work and best part of £100!

    Paul’s a great shout at Ipswich, you should add that I caught him downstairs in the ground trying to buy a bottle of water to sober up!

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