Did you see the ball cross the line for the first Nurnberg goal?


4 Responses to Did you see the ball cross the line for the first Nurnberg goal?

  1. Craig Chadwick (Chad) says:

    The Official Notts Whites “Pratt of the week” award goes to me :0)

    That was one expensive pre season friendly!

  2. Craig Chadwick (Chad) says:

    Ok, Ross has asked me to let the few of you who don’t know into the “secret” of what happened.
    Here’s the story… Leeds playing at home to Nuremberg in pre season, as we are not running a coach to this game, I thought I would drive up & offered to give Ross a lift.. As there was no juicing planned, we set off around 12:30 in plenty of time to get to ER (or so we thought)
    Approaching Wakefield I notice we are in desperate need of fuel, so I pull into the services & fill the car to the brim with unleaded.. £85 worth……….BUT……….you guessed, it my brum brum is a diesel, which I have had for nearly three years now!! The sinking feeling hit me.. No, NO, NOOOOO!!! we had just an hour & twenty minutes before kick off, things my friends where not looking good..
    I paid the £85 for the unleaded, then promptly rang the RAC & asked them rather sheepishly to come & take it all out again!! The RAC arrived in around half an hour, complete with the bright orange van with the words “mis fuel” all over it & then stuck “mis fuel” warning signs round the car advertising the fact I had been a right pillock!!
    By 2:50 we were heading back onto the M1 safe in the knowledge that Leeds were at least going to win & my current outlay of …£85 for fuel I didn’t need .. Around £190 for the RAC bill (Mis fuel is not covered under my policy) & £32 for the new fuel cap which fits onto my car & apparently stops me ever doing this sort of stupid thing again.
    By the time we arrive Leeds are 1:0 down & to make matter worse, eventually lose by 2:0… Off we gone home..
    Now, near Tibshelf services I notice the £20 worth of Diesel the RAC fella put in has almost gone, time to fill up again. I Choose the DIESEL pump, & the bloody new petrol cap thing wont let me put fuel in!!!! Chad by now “is not happy”. after ten minutes or so I have managed to put £12 worth into the car.. “sod it” enough to get home, after all I’m off to a family BBQ & time is knocking on..
    Back in the car, I turn the ignition, nothing, No, NO, NOOOO! Ross by now “is not happy” (although he hid it well) On the phone to Mr RAC man again.. Whilst we were waiting for our second rescue of the day (& after many attempt’s at restarting the car) Ross suggested the power of “POSITIVE THINKING” would do the trick. Now I have to say I wasn’t all that convinced but anything is worth a try right? & it only bloody worked!!
    I arrived at the BBQ just around 8PM, skint & fed up but cheered my self up with plenty of John Smiths … In the POURING RAIN!!!!!

    IN MY DEFENCE.. I had just bought an old Suzuki jeep & had filled up on unleaded the night before.
    LESSONS LEARNED… The RAC are really quite quick & positive thinking really works!

  3. toots says:

    i wont be asking for a lift off chad in the near future. u couldn’t make it up. brace urself forsome pisstaking on saturdays bus

  4. Graham Fisher says:

    Get’s me off the hook with last season’s getting on the wrong train, falling asleep and waking up in Worksop adventure. Thanks Chad!



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