Brighton Expose! 3/8/13

IMG_7618Click on the photo above if you want to see more!

Nottingham Whites enjoyed a winning start to the season with some refreshments, as always at The Old White Hart, before making their way to the game for the unusual 3 p.m. Kick off.

John Matear confessed that he hasn’t been looking at the website much after the summer, so to encourage John to keep up to date I decided we should follow him on this match day (Last season we followed Andy Mac also for the Brighton game). As you will see it was a very tiring day!

Make sure you keep up to date, by checking the website especially the Travel section, now the new season is upon us. After all you wouldn’t want to be caught napping!

IMG_7616  Click on the photo to see more!

P.S. Where’s Liam.



Submitted on 2013/08/04 at 4:01 pm

great day, glorious sunshine, beer flowing, cheap tickets, full house, no bates, last minute goal, leeds win. fantastic.


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