A few things we didn’t know 10 days ago!

The greatest goal in the world was scored!
Perhaps the greatest goal ever scored in the history of football ever was scored on Wednesday night (5th February) at 5 aside by Sam OVER WEIGHT MESSY Northridge! I will talk you through it. after some good work from Ed he played a ball through to subway Dan who forced a good save from Andy Mac who was in goal for the blues at the time. subway Dan the ran over to take the corner. Sam playing at the back at the time had a little jog up to the half way line to give a option to subway Dan. seeing that Sam had made him self available for the pass subway Dan played a lovely weighted ball to Sam who then took it forward a couple of yards then unleashed a absolute thunder bolt from at least 25 yard out which screamed in to the top corner of the goal leaving Andy Mac rooted to the spot no keeper in any league in the whole wide world would have stopped it! it even put a hole in the net, well the ball went through one and I’m sure it wasn’t there before hand! Sam just turned away and got on with the rest of the game never mentioning his goal for the rest of the night nor did he have another effort on goal either!
Written by O.Messy
A winding up order
This term means exactly what it says, it has wound up all the Leeds supporters.Issued by Andrew Flowers the managing director of our shirt sponsor’s Enterprise Insurance, apparently they lent Leeds £1.7m in 2012 at an interest rate of 7% and it is due to be repaid next year. Our current owners GFH have stated that Leeds United has always met its financial obligations and will continue to do so.
Take note that the petition is due to be heard on March 17th!

Ed’s Birthday
February 3rd

Our no. 17 may have to go after all.
We have heard that Michael Brown is not for sale but if the Italian Massimo Cellino takes over he may get rid of the number 17 as he has at Cagliari, due to him believing it is an unlucky number. Seats at their stadium have been renumbered 16b and there is no number 17 in Cagliari’s latest squad.

Nottingham Whites meeting.
There will be one, on Monday 17th 8.05p.m. at The Grosvenor and it will have minutes written up and available shortly afterwards I am told.

What has Massimo Cellino got in common with Ken Bates – Electrocution!
He was convicted of false accounting. He was arrested as part of an investigation into whether public money was used to pay part of his club’s stadium – The arrest warrant described Cellino as a man “of marked criminal tendencies… capable of using every kind of deception to achieve his ends”. NO
They make controversial decisions on transfer deadline day….MAYBE!

Well on 27th February 1985 Ken Bates installed an electric fence to keep supporters from invading the pitch. In 2011 a member of staff was electrocuted at Cagliari’s stadium.

Middlesbrough away.
Looks like we won’t be running a bus to this one as a number of Nottingham Whites are already making a weekend of it. So if anyone is still interested in going up let us know and we can see of we can sort out transport between ourselves.

Lies near the Somerset levels. Where it is very wet, and after visiting we can add windy.

Chant of the day 8th February.
Leeds fans responding to Yeovil who had just scored to make it 1-0 and we’re telling Brian McDermott that he was getting sacked in the morning.
“You’re getting flooded in the morning”

The last word
I am sure Sam never thought he was going to have the last word over his goal.
As you all know there are two sides to every story.
Well, it is now believed the phrase “One in a million” originates from Sam’s goal scoring exploits and to be honest with the number of shots he had on Wednesday night it won’t be long before he scores again.
Sam’s shooting is legendary and it is rumoured that the chants “How high/ wide do you want the goal”, were  started after someone watched him play for two minutes.
Anyway, the last word. Please whatever you do don’t ask Sam if he won the game, or who scored the winning goal or wrote this article!


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