The Student

Continuing the theme of introducing you to members of Nottingham Whites we continue with Liam.

Liam is currently studying statistics at Nottingham Trent University, at least that’s what he tells us. It seems to me that since January he has been constantly working out what we need to do on the pitch to be mathematically safe,  an equation so complex that he has been known to oversleep and regularly get disorientated. Before that it looks like he was too busy writing the excellent becchiowellplaced.

And our very own statto!

Now that his dissertation has been handed in and now that we are (almost) mathematically safe we have created our very own Where’s Liam poster, to add to our ever growing collection. (Click here to view).

Liam’s adventures have provided much entertainment and to summarise we thought it fitting to dedicate our own song to him.

“Liam Kirby’s having a party,                                                                                                          Set your alarm clock and                                                                                                             Lock up your laptop”
There have been a few versions heard so if you have heard a different one please send it in.


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