The Chairman

We thought it was time to introduce some of the characters behind Nottingham Whites and here to begin with is our very own “Special” Chairman aka Rich.

IMG_5796 - Version 2

Asking about interests outside of football we discovered that Rich has a passion for music and was heavily influenced by the mod movement of the 80s.

We asked Rich to pick an artist and album so that we could have a closer look at how this reflected now on his life now.

It seemed to me that the Jam would be his No 1 choice having witnessed very recently a number of scenarios.”All around the world I’ve been looking for Liam” and hearing him collect money on the bus “Hey boy, hey son have you got any money” from Down in The Tubestation at midnight – (Now you know that all Nottingham Whites money goes on take away curries). Or of course from Nottingham Whites wannabe getaway driver, wanting to get away from grounds as quickly as possible before everyone is back on the bus “A Bomb in (Paul) Wardhaugh street.”  Found myself in a Strange town, though I’ve only been in the pub three hours now, from recent visits to Bacup and Glossop. Although now I think about it where would “That’s entertainment” fit in after we have watched the football?

But The Specials were  the band he chose.

Now choosing one Album seems easy now, as The Best of the Specials is available. Having just been to Blackburn I could immediately see a link.

Man at C & A. Was this a reference to Andy Mac’s jumper. It probably is as he could have had it in 1979.

Whilst at the match did I hear Rich chant from the beginning of Concrete Jungle?

Now 34 years later Rich has rewritten the words to his favourite track known back in 1979 as Gangsters,  the rework is called Juice Dogs.

Juice Dogs

Twinkletoes doesn’t know Don’t Argue

Why must you wreck all my planned trips
Are you planning a booze bus for free
Said you’ve been threatened by Edward
Now it’s you that’s threatening me

Can’t hide alcohol with con tricks
And use Tigger and Toots to commit crime
And I dread, dread to think what the A50 will bring
When we are going on a European Tour
Don’t call me crazy, juice dog or Crackerjack

Can’t bring booze on the bus when we’re travelling
Or they’ll confiscate all of your juice
And catch 22 says that if you buy alcohol you’ll get caught
As at Junction 14 on the M6

Don’t offer us juices for free
Or get Toots and Tigger to commit crime
And I dread, to think what the A50 will bring
When we are going on a European Tour

So Twinkletoes, please Don’t Argue

All characters in these lyrics are fictional, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


3 Responses to The Chairman

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  2. Moira says:

    Do you remember who first started the Nottingham Whites? Graham Swift. Graham sadly passed away last week. He was a Leeds fan through thick and thin and never stopped believing!!

  3. Peter goldsbrough says:

    I had a good crack with Graham in Billy’s bar when a member of Notts whites. It was an absolute pleasure he was a true gent.

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