Terry Chambers

Favourite juice
Real ale, I’m from Yorkshire
First Leeds game
v Arsenal 1964-65 season. We won 3-1. Charlton, Belfitt and Storrie the scorers
Favourite Away Ground
Anfield… when we won the League there and I got a day off school next day too.
Best match
Leeds United 5 (Five) Manchester United 1  ….1972
Best day out
Leeds v Arsenal FA Cup Final
Best Player
Johnny Giles
Worst player
Enoch Showunmi (United’s 21)
Favourite Team
 Martin, Reaney, Cooper, Bremner, Charlton, Hunter, Lorimer, Clarke, Jones, Giles, Gray.
Subs:Harvey, Madeley, Batty, Strachan, Yeboah
Favourite Goal
Worst experience
1975 euro final when lorimers’ goal was disallowed and then we at to face the french riot police.
Best kit
All the plain ones
Worst kit
All the ones with sponsors on.
Best chant
We do not carry hammers, 
We do not carry lead,
We only carry hatchets,
To bury in your head,
We are Leeds supporters,
Fanatics every one,
We all hate Man City,
Spurs and Everton
Other team
York City…lived there for several years

5 Responses to Terry Chambers

  1. markybrinley says:

    Terry is a football hooligan, my kids were always coming back from his history classes knowing more about leeds united than anything the Tudors had done.

    • terry chambers says:

      pot n kettle spring to mind…Ha ha…those two boys wouldnt be where they are now without experiencing my professional wisdom. ps: is sam still unemployed?

    • Ben Smitheman says:

      Terry was the best teacher Gedling ever had – Top bloke scared the crap out of me but taught me more about Europe and how to study than anyone ever has.


    Guy was a true gentleman. Only teacher who ever gave me any hope and I’m truly grateful for that. Many thanks and I hope you are doing ok.

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