Sam (aka Messy)

Favourite Juice 
Anything on away days and as much as possible but at home a nice pint of strongbow washed down with a bag of pork scratchings.
Earliest Leeds memory
Watching Tony Yeboah volley and score in off the bar against Liverpool I was in a pub in sutton on sea with my mum dad and sister playing pool and it was on sky sports.
Best away ground
Peterborough’s  London Road old school terracing and when we score its like a massive tidal wave down to the front.
IMG_3902 IMG_3903
Best Match
Easy one Bristol Rovers what away for jb to sign off with us Simon Grayson made him captin for that game and what a move that was as it was the best I think he ever played in a Leeds shirt he was all over the place. And at the final whistle I just rember my dad leaping over the advertising boards like a gazelle. The feeling when the final whistle went was amazing better than any drug I’m sure.
Best away day
Brighton away in Crawley for 12 midday and didnt leave for the ground untill 6.30 I think. Lots and lots of juice was drank that day I even had to have a power nap at one point in a toilet cubicle which lead to big Chris looking for me
for half a hour. I also knicked a mango of a fruit and veg stall on the way to the bus why? I dont no! Last time I seen it it was rolling down the isle of the coach!
Best player
Me on a wednesday night if Brian McDermott saw me id be a ideal person to partner Ross McCormack up front!!!!!!!! but seriously id say Snoddy, ran like bambi trying to walk on ice but consistantly good every game!
IMG_7376 - Version 2 IMG_7389 - Version 2
Worst player
Andros Townsend came from Spurs thinking he was all that and a bag of chips but was no were near as good as he thourght he was inside his own head.
Best chant
Marching on together at home full house at night, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up you can’t beat it.
Other teams
I always look for Forest, County and Stags results to see how they get on I also
like to have a walk to the local park on a Sunday n watch some games there.
Something you should know about me!
I can eat a king size twix with out using my hands.

2 Responses to Sam (aka Messy)

  1. Craig Chadwick (Chad) says:

    Looking forward to a live performance of the Twix eating trick !!!

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