Phil Beaver

Favourite Juice
A nice bottle of chilled New Zealand Sauvignon.
First Match 
1967/8. My neighbour at the time was a season ticket holder at Roker Park, the then home of Sunderland. His wife had to work one evening and he had bought 2 tickets for the League Cup game against Leeds, I was asked did I want to go with him, yes came the reply. Decked out in a red and white scarf and accompanying bobble hat I went to my first professional game. Leeds won 2-0 both goals scored by Jimmy Greenhoff. I told Bruce on the way home that I wanted to follow Leeds much to his disappointment. The rest as they say is history.
Favourite away ground.
That’s tough one but after some thought it has to be         shapeimage_2
Loftus Road.You are right by the pitch and the home
crowd really do generate a decent atmosphere.
The pub in Springbok Road who’s name eludes me (Would that be The Springbok!) is the only pub I have visited where I wiped my feet on the way out.
Worst away ground
Has to be Luton Town’s. What a absolute dump. Last time we played there when John Carver was temporary manager and we were beaten 5-1 to rub salt into the wound. After the 5th goal went in with half an hour left the Leeds fans as one started singing we all love Leeds and this chant continued for the remainder of the match. One reason Leeds fans are the best in the world.   IMG_2087
Best match
That’s an easy one the 1972 FA Cup final. I remember I had to meet Allan Clarke at Nottingham Whites first Leeds on the road event which was held at Nezza’s Thai restaurant in West Bridgford (But go to Grantham!). I met Allan and Margaret, his wife, and as we walked into the bar of the pub opposite I explained that I had waited almost 40 years to eventually meet him and buy him a drink for “that goal” I felt a little deflated when all he had was half a pint of lager.
Best day out
Seeing Leeds beat Bristol Rovers to eventually get out of League division 3 (that’s in old money …. non of this League 1 in the Beaver household). That era was without doubt the worst in our history. On the upside I saw Leeds play at grounds I never imagined I would like Sixfields, Gresty Road, Brisbane Road and Whaddon Street.
Best Leeds player
Another easy one Billy Bremner. For me and probably 99% of my generation. Billy was a true inspiration who led by example. Side before self was his motto, these last 9 years must have had him turning in his grave. Died far too young and strangely for a man I never met personally I admit to shedding a few tears the day he died.
Worst Leeds experience
Histon away in the FA Cup. The sheer humiliation of getting beat on national TV and watching the bunch of under achievers representing my team had me questioning whether enough was enough. On top of getting beat it was blooming cold and raining. Hope I never see the likes again in my lifetime.
Best kit
Not kit as such but I love the old smiley badge        badge_smiley
it was a part of that Revie experience. It looked
so much better than todays corporate thing.
Other teams supported
Torquay United.I lived down there for 14 years and as it was difficult to get my Leeds fix unless the team were playing in the south I watched the local team. Really enjoyed going back for last seasons friendly at Plainmoor.
In conclusion – I attended the first ever meeting of Nottingham Whites at Hooters, (who said Leeds fans have no class.) I was made Chairman that night which was a very proud moment for me. Eventually I ended up as club secretary and I really enjoyed both positions. After stepping down I know the reigns were handed to the right people. Next time you are ordering a ticket or booking a place on the coach just remember the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer who put so much time and effort in making sure you the member get to enjoy the whole match experience.

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