The Secretary

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IMG_1169IMG_1171Continuing the theme of introducing the characters behind Nottingham Whites here is our very own secretary. Andy Mac. We spent a day with Andy at the match click here to see Andy in action!

Our very own fashionista. He was heard on the bus heading towards Manchester City reporting that people were looking at him, and that he requested a police escort. Is it any surprise when you have Nottingham’s best dressed man on board.

That day he was sporting his Sergio Tacchini top as a homage to the style of the 80’s, and true to the era a week later he was wearing a jumper he received for Christmas around that time.

So be assured when you meet Nottingham Whites you will spot the glamorous secretary straight away.

Successful models are normally seen in the glamour Capitals of the world… New York, Paris, London. Ours has been sighted in similar places…London (Road) and regularly passing New York ( Stadium) on the Tinsley viaduct on the way to Leeds home games.

Successful models are seen on the catwalk, ours can be found on the Ropewalk as our bus sets off from town.

Future modelling shoots are expected at Ipswich, Charlton and Watford. Be there go catch a glimpse…….

P.S. It is rumoured that the conversation on the bus went something like this!!!!

Left from the castle, and going back thro’ Stoke
Bacup with the lads, where Jaeger bombs burned Jordan’s (pocket)
Hurry up went everyone on the bus
All outside was the rain and snow
Hear their shout, hear their roar
They`ve probably had a barrel of juice and much, much more
Hoorah, Hoorah, Hoorah, Yea

I am getting looks from a thousand men

We had to meet the enemy a mile away
Thunder in the air as the time ticked away
Phoned the police and their words were sharp
Wearing my Tacchini, and looking good
When the locals see me they stop and stare

We`re gonna drive until everyone has seen me
Hoorah, Hoorah, Hoorah, Yea
I am getting looks from a thousand men

When the lads come along at the end of the day
Some were half cut and some had run away
But Hear our triumph, see our photo shoot
We`ll probably drink a barrel of juice and much, much more
Hoorah, Hoorah, Hoorah, Yea

I am getting looks from thousands of men

Just remember for every juice you need a fruit!


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