Favourite juice  
This is easy & simple, Bitter & lots of it!!

Earliest Leeds memories  
Losing the FA Cup final to them pesky Mackems 1:0 & also losing to Stoke 3:2 (after being 2 up) to end our unbeaten run in 74.

First match 
I have a vague memory of being at ER when I was perhaps around 9 or 10 & getting beat by those bin dippers, think it was 2:0. The first real game I remember though, was Valetta in the UEFA cup in the late seventies, guess what, got beat again 2:0!! From then on I have missed around 12 home games. 

Favourite Away Ground 
Tough one this, loved Madrid & Milan but for atmosphere within these shores the recent games away at Swansea & Palace were good. I Suppose Arsenal’s new stadium is the most pleasing on the eye though. For some reason I always likes going to Highfield Rd too (Coventry’s old place)
                                                                    Highfield Road – After Chad’s last visit! 

Best match  
Sooooo many, 4:3 win & 4:5 defeat both to the scousers, virtually all the CL games!, 2:1 win over those horrible foxes in 89/90 (still best atmosphere ever for me at ER) 4:3 comeback over Derby. the mad 4:3 win over Hull in 89/90 after being 3:2 down with minutes to go (Vinnie wonder goal) Got to include the 2:1 over Brizzle Rovers too.
The best two ever though for so many different reasons… AC Milan away, needing a point in the CL to progress & 7 thousand Leeds fans having a party with the players, unforgettable. Then, pre season away to Liberec, in the middle of nowhere at 48hrs notice. Trains, planes & automobiles (a bus & taxi too) to get there. Team were just relegated to div 1, club was in admin, player embargo, -15 points, with our very existence in the balance &; 400 to 500 Leeds fans turn out to watch a team we didn’t even recognise! guess what we lost 1:0, guess what, we didn’t care, we just sang like crazy for 90 mins, did the conga & drank loads of beer (on tap in the stand) at stupidly cheap prices!!!

Best day out 
Charity Shield final @ Wembley in 92, beating the scousers 4:3 on my 27th birthday!

Best/Worst Leeds player 
Best seen, Strachan & Cantona (pains me to say it) sorry just missed the Bremners but he has to be the best ever.
Worst, where do I begin, that bloody Brazilian Junior looked lost when ever he played for us

Worst Leeds experience 
Here we go again.. relegation at WBA 81, Coventry FA cup semi 87, play off final against Charlton 87, League cup final against Villa 96, more recent play off defeats to Watford & Donny but the worst has to be Bolton away & relegation from the premiership in 04, grown fellas crying & whilst singing “we’re going down in a minute” !

Best/worst kit
Best kit, the recent “glow in the dark”
although any all white has to be good.
Worst.. Leeds DONT DO RED!

Best Leeds chant/song
MOT of course, WACCOE & the 15 points song!

Other teams supported and why! 
Went to watch Blackpool for years once or twice a season after seeing them once whilst on holiday there. That love affair stopped after the 0:5 home mauling a couple of years back. I sometime now go to Stags games with the brother in law as they are the local team.

Anything else we should know!
I’m a 36 waist

One Response to Chad

  1. Craig Chadwick (Chad) says:

    Best games , I forgot to mention the famous 4:1 win over Stuttgart in the European cup, that was a thriller !!!

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