Allan Stanforth

Favourite Juice
Anything Cold preferably Strongbow.
Earliest Leeds Memories
Going to see Nottingham Forest vs Leeds Pre-Season 2000/01 I remember walking over Trent Bridge with My Dad walking to the ground. I can’t remember the score but I think Leeds won.
First Match
Forest Vs Leeds Pre season was my first game but i think my first Home game was leeds against a non english team (It might have been pre season or in the UEFA Cup i cant really remember).
Favourite Away Ground
Does Wembley count as an away ground? The Emirates was by far the Biggest I’ve been to but the best away ground for atmosphere when Leeds are in town is either The City Ground or Pride Park.
Best Match
January Third, Remember the Date!! that or Leeds Beating bristol Rovers to gain promotion to the championship.
Best Day Out 
I think my favourite day out that stands out the most is Spurs Vs Leeds 09/10 season. It was a late kick off but We left Nottingham at around 6a.m and got to St Albans about 9 and all of us (Nottingham Whites) converged on this pub and we were then joined by other RMCs and soon enough he pub was packed at least 6 deep at the bar. After a few early pints (of Coke for me at the time) me and my dad went to look around the area taking in the sights of the city (We had like 4/5 hours to kill before kick off and we got bored of the pub) anyway after a late lunch at the local Greggs we headed back to the pub before piling on the bus. The ground was good and the match was fantastic watching Ankergren saving a Defoe penalty in front of the away fans and JB scoring a penalty at the same end. The score ended up a deserved 2-2 earning a replay at Elland Road (which we then lost….Of course).
Best Leeds Player
Its a toss up between the The controversial Alan Smith (although scum bought him) or Max Gradel.
Worst Leeds Experience
Has to be the 7-3 loss to Nottingham forest at Elland Road.for 2 reasons.
1) Living in nottingham going to sixthform where the lads are predominantly Forest fans, safe to say i got a load of stick.
2) After a certain someone got thrown out the ground (**** ***) it ended up having reprocussions in the future. I go to apply for membership the following season, i faced difficulty as my membership number wasnt playing ball. Anyway after ringing up Leeds and explaining what was going on the guy on the other end of the phone said that the person with that memebership number was ‘banned’ from Elland road from what happened at the forest match from the previous season….WHAT!!!                          **** *** Cannot be named for legal reasons.
Best Kits
The Plain white kit from a few seasons ago, last seasons Away Kit or the Yellow strongbow kit from the Premier League Days.
Leeds Chants
MOT or Enoch Showumni Uniteds 21!
Other teams Supported
I like to see how Notts county are doing every now and again when Big Enoch bangs in goals and because i know players/ youth players that play for County.

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