5 a side

8p.m. to 9p.m.
Forest Recreation Ground
The entrance lies on Gregory Boulevard, Mansfield Road end, we generally play on the middle pitch and can be easily spotted by the predominance of white shirts!

Just to save any scouts the trouble of visiting –


4 Responses to 5 a side

  1. sam ( over weight messi) says:

    perhaps the greatest goal ever scored in the history of football ever was scored on Wednesday night at 5 aside by Sam OVER WEIGHT MESSY Northridge! I will talk you through it. after some good work from Ed he played a ball through to subway Dan who forced a good save from Andy Mac who was in goal for the blues at the time. subway Dan the ran over to take the corner. Sam playing at the back at the time had a little jog up to the half way line to give a option to subway Dan. seeing that Sam had made him self available for the pass subway Dan played a lovely weighted ball to Sam who then took it forword a couple of yards then unleashed a absolute thunder bolt from at least 25 yard out which screamed in to the top corner of the goal leaving Andy Mac rooted to the spot no keeper in any league in the whole wide world would have stopped it! it even put a hole in the net, well the ball went through one and im sure it wasnt there before hand! Sam just turned away and got on with the rest of the game never mentioning his goal for the rest of the night nor did he have another effort on goal either!

  2. toots says:


  3. Ma Northridge says:

    that’s my boy ya gotta ly him

  4. Ma Northridge says:

    whoops!! Lv him

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