Nottingham Whites away ticket policy

For the upcoming 2017/18 season Nottingham whites will be operating a change to how we allocate unclaimed spare tickets for away games.

In the past where there have been more applicants than available unclaimed tickets we did a draw out of the hat, but although this proved to be fun .. ultimately it was unfair to members who attended games regularly, but then ended up missing out .

So this season NW will be operating away game loyalty mirroring Leeds actual scheme , so for example if there was one spare ticket and more than one person wanting to go to that game , the ticket will go to the person who has been to most away games that season. Regardless of whether they have used their own number or used someone else’s season ticket/members card to attend a game. Away tickets will only be allocated to paid up NW members, unless in the case where we can’t sell a ticket within our branch. It will then be offered outside of the branch. If two members have equal amount of away games it will then go to the one who has attended most home games on the bus , if that is still equal only then will it be drawn out of the hat. Andy will be keeping track of away day attendance starting with Bolton away this season.

When ordering away tickets Andy will claim as many season tickets as possible then will send a text out to all season ticket holders and members asking who wants to go to that game , obviously all season ticket holders will have ownership of the ticket ordered against their number/card, but if they do not wish to go, please can they let Andy know it is ok to pass on to another member. If Andy has had no reply either way within 3 days of the text he will assume this is ok to now use as a spare and allocate the ticket to any waiting member. If any season ticket holders are not happy with this or do NOT want their card using other than for themselves please let me know before the start of the season.

Finally there will be a cut off point for members applying for unclaimed spare tickets , which will be announced on the original text message. Once the deadline has passed and tickets have been shared out then any member asking for a ticket after the deadline will join the back of the queue regardless of games attended.

All of that said as always we will try our best to make sure all members who want to get to an away game do get a ticket whenever possible.

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