Things you may have missed during the season

The train
Chairman and Mick Strong ended up in Leicester after our pre-season match in Chesterfield setting the mark for the season heading in the wrong direction.

Our owner.
Banned. It’s not my fault! If I had been there……..

Our promotion challenge.

Nottingham Whites meetings.

Steve Morison goals.
Yes two in two (years).

Sabre Tooth Donkeys.
What I hear you cry! Well maybe if we used the Latin name of Sturmanausaurus, maybe you would realise it was named after the only person ever to have seen one!!!!

An hour of the Charlton match.
Sam Northridge. Alcohol or a hard week at a work. “We didn’t miss a penalty did we?”

The bus.
Sheffield Wednesday away.
Holly missed her NCT bus but due to the great service they provide she was with us just ten minutes late.

Rotherham United home
Nev, due to one too many the night before.

Steve & Becca Neal. Having a Lie in on the last day of the season (Siding with the Charlton six? Come to think of it didn’t see them at Charlton either!!)

Blackburn away
Ross. Giving some fictious story about travelling round Brazil, having match tickets stolen and returning home with an infection which left him in danger of losing his leg and putting on a limp for the first half of the season, and sleeping in on the morning of this particular game.

So being Leeds we have had our ups and downs.

The ups the Leeds youngsters playing regularly and you the supporters. All Leeds aren’t we!

If you have not been to our meetings this year (don’t feel guilty) then please come along to our next one where we will be planning our season, after the fixtures are announced. Details will be announced on this website.

Please feel free to send in any Leeds related articles over the summer, including anything you might want to add to the list above or even submit your own Leeds profile.

Also let us know if you have any preference for day and time of our meetings.


Enjoy the break.

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