Watford Match Report. Leeds win!!!

After a few drinks in St Albans with Gareth,Tom, Paul Tyrell and South Yorkshire lads we had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Leeds United try to play football but not shoot at the opposition goal.
It was a frustrating afternoon and Watford went ahead with an header after a good save from the goalie. We scored an own goal which resulted from a cross by Sharp, after that it was all downhill. We self destructed with a soft penalty when the striker got the better of Bellusci who misjudged the flight of the ball.
He was sent off and as you can imagine it went downhill from there Byram hardly made contact with their player for his sending off bad decision by the officials Watford seemed to go to ground very easily throughout the game.
My MOM was Warnock who made a superb tackle in the box when the Watford striker was clean through.I don’t know what the answer is hopefully this Danish player will put some pace into the midfield ,Murphy disappointing again . The fans were funny as Chris Kamara was doing the commentary in the corner of where we were. Begging him to go on and he was cheering our 5 4 victory when we scored the pretend goals.

Thanks again to Mark Brinley

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