Monday 7th September

Keep the date free.

If you are not going to Hampden for Scotland v Germany then why not come along to the next Nottingham Whites meeting.

Currently waiting confirmation of the venue.

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Leeds stickers

Shaun had some Leeds stickers on the Nottingham Whites bus last Saturday. These  are available from http://www.lustickers.bigcartel.com1397600582689_(1) Shirts_no_name european-shield waccoe-small_(1) fc_550x550_white.u1 Screen_Shot_2015-06-29_at_20.55.45

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Happy Birthday Chad!!


Nottingham Whites (plus Dan Grant seen at the front of the photo celebrating Steve Morison’s goal today against Shrewsbury) would like to congratulate Chad on making it through another year.

In case you didn’t know we also intend to celebrate this fact with a trip to Berlin in November during the International break Friday 13th to Monday 16th, anyone interested in joining us just let us know.



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Nottingham Whites Dan Grant transfers allegiance to Milwall.

Following todays announcement that Steve Morison is to return to Milwall, Nottingham Whites have been informed that Dan Grant his most vociferous supporter will not be joining us on the bus to the Burnley home match.

He was last seen heading off in his dodgem for Millwall’s match at Shrewsbury on Saturday.


To say that Dan will be sorely missed, would be a lie. So we won’t.

All of Nottingham Whites will be pleased that we will no longer have to put up with Dan’s incessant chants of Steve Morison, Steve Morison… He’ll never score, He’ll never score…Steve Morison.

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The sign of a good day out!!!


Kev and Andy Murfin recharge their batteries for work the next day after experiencing the Scarborough day out!

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Minutes of Meeting held 20.7.15!!!!

After a longer barren period than a certain Mr Morrison in front of goal , Nottingham whites finally fired back into life with its first meeting in over a year ( or 4 managers in Leeds years )
An enthusiastic throng of 36 new and old faces ( plus another 10,000 outside ) descended upon the Peacock pub on Mansfield road ,Rumours that someone misread the text and was sat in the peacock opposite Elland Rd have not yet been proven. Optimism filled the air for the season ahead with actual conversations of on field activities and grand signings rather than the usual were all doomed before a ball is kicked .. or miss kicked in Mr Morrison’s case .. however dark clouds gathered over head as the meeting time approached .. maybe another ominous warning from the fickle football gods in their relentless unforgiving torment of our beloved damned Leeds United !

For those that missed the action here are the minutes

1: Membership renewals are now due , cost remains at £10 for the season . It was suggested that members put a £30 deposit down to cover themselves if they can’t make a game without a good genuine reason when a ticket or bus as been booked on their behalf . This would be repaid to all members at the end of the season if they had incurred no unnecessary avoidable costs to the club .. This will be discussed further at the next meeting

2: Website .. Please make the website your first port of call for anything to do with Nottingham Whites

3: Annual trip to Scarborough , there are still some limited places available please contact Rich if interested in going
Bus leaves city at 7:30 am and Phoenix park 7:45am

4: Orders are now being taken for the following games .. Burnley home , Reading and Bristol City away
Please let Andy know if you are interested in any of these games if you haven’t already booked a ticket or transport

5: We are going to try and expand our name via social media .. This task has been handed to Holly official leader of the new generation brat pack

6: It was voted that for now the Peacock will be the official pub for future meetings , as always members are welcome to suggest alternative venues if they feel it would benefit all of the members

7: AGM .. The AGM is coming up if anyone is interested in sitting on the committee or wishes to have a change the current committee please put your name forward at the next meeting

8: Rich raised a point that it was brought to his attention that last season some members were unhappy with some of the decision making from the chairman . Not Bates for once.
All members present were given the chance to freely air any concerns without prejudice .. No members came back with any response apart from possibly a change in the Christmas party venue and Rich was given a unanimous vote of confidence by the whole membership present.

9: The above mentioned Christmas do will be held at the Greyhound track for a NW memorial evening in early Jan 2016 to coincide with Tony Buck passing 5 years and other members that we have sadly lost in recent years

10: Away travel on the coach next season will be same as it always has been .. Strictly No alcohol on board the coach , but we will stop off for dinner and to stretch our legs on route

11: Andy to speak to ex local player Steve Hodge regarding attending a future meeting to talk about his time at Leeds .. This will be reported back at the next meeting

12: It was asked if we could mix it up on home games with varied stop offs from the usual ones currently taken .. Rich will look into this as a monthly alternative

13 : Next meeting to be confirmed .. keep an eye on the website

Andy Mac

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End of season message from your Secretary

I would just like to follow up Rich and thank everyone for all of your support for Nottingham Whites throughout last season and on and on into the next campaign.
Definitely a typical Leeds season of ups and downs and the usual levels of Monty python activity behind the scenes, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying some great days out with more highlights than a 80s pop band .. Fulham and Huddersfield away being my personal favourites and quiz machine aside Cardiff being the worst.
In my opinion the ticket ordering went fairly well last season , just a reminder that i order away tickets , Sarah orders home tickets and Rich sorts transport and if possible could you try and order tickets or transport via a text message rather than verbally at a game to avoid being forgotten after a few juices have been supped .. and for those people that pay for tickets by Bank transfer could you please text or email me @ your remittance once you have paid so as we can tick you off the wanted list .. for those that don’t know, Nottingham Whites bank details are .. Account number 10475762 Sort Code 16-26-32
As always your comments and opinions are more than welcome .. good or Steve Morrison .. sorry i meant good or bad
Enjoy the summer break ( we could have had 3 new managers in that time ) see you at the next meeting !! Before the season starts

Thanks again for some great laughs last season

Cheers Andy Mac
Uwe Roslers barmy army

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End of Season message from your Chairman

untitled 2

End of season message from your Chairman.
Many Thanks to you all for your continued support of Nottingham Whites and what we aim to do during a season, I am fully aware that at times things may not go as planned or be exactly what some members want to do on a given day/match, but on the whole I think we have the balance about right ? As you all know it has been an awful season on and off the pitch, nothing has changed in years at Leeds we have gone backwards in my humble opinion, except for the young runs coming through, ( how many will be in a Leeds shirt next season ) I see no structure, forward planning or stability we lack ambition and have an owner who knows as much about English football and the championship in particular, as my dog Lucas !! The one thing we have is the best supporters in The world, that’s all of you who like me will follow Leeds united till our last breath, I take my hat off to you all,
We’re all Leeds aren’t we !
Have a great summer, hope to see you all on 26th July for our family day out in Scarborough,.
All the best,
Rich,On n on…wafll…Mot…Nifol…

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Things you may have missed during the season

The train
Chairman and Mick Strong ended up in Leicester after our pre-season match in Chesterfield setting the mark for the season heading in the wrong direction.

Our owner.
Banned. It’s not my fault! If I had been there……..

Our promotion challenge.

Nottingham Whites meetings.

Steve Morison goals.
Yes two in two (years).

Sabre Tooth Donkeys.
What I hear you cry! Well maybe if we used the Latin name of Sturmanausaurus, maybe you would realise it was named after the only person ever to have seen one!!!!

An hour of the Charlton match.
Sam Northridge. Alcohol or a hard week at a work. “We didn’t miss a penalty did we?”

The bus.
Sheffield Wednesday away.
Holly missed her NCT bus but due to the great service they provide she was with us just ten minutes late.

Rotherham United home
Nev, due to one too many the night before.

Steve & Becca Neal. Having a Lie in on the last day of the season (Siding with the Charlton six? Come to think of it didn’t see them at Charlton either!!)

Blackburn away
Ross. Giving some fictious story about travelling round Brazil, having match tickets stolen and returning home with an infection which left him in danger of losing his leg and putting on a limp for the first half of the season, and sleeping in on the morning of this particular game.

So being Leeds we have had our ups and downs.

The ups the Leeds youngsters playing regularly and you the supporters. All Leeds aren’t we!

If you have not been to our meetings this year (don’t feel guilty) then please come along to our next one where we will be planning our season, after the fixtures are announced. Details will be announced on this website.

Please feel free to send in any Leeds related articles over the summer, including anything you might want to add to the list above or even submit your own Leeds profile.

Also let us know if you have any preference for day and time of our meetings.


Enjoy the break.

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Last men standing

After a long hard season, these are the final photos of Nottingham Whites inaction (sic).

photo 1 photo 5 photo 4 photo 8 photo 3 photo 7 photo 6 photo 2

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