Next Home Game – Derby County Saturday 29th November kick Off 3p.m.

Due to welcome demand we are taking the large bus, with toilet on board. So far we have 37 on board, so there are still plenty of places left, get in touch now to book your place.

We are also taking bookings for the Fulham game on Saturday 13th December 2014.

Coach departs Cathedral 11a.m. Phoenix Park 11.15a.m.

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Ipswich Away Saturday 6th December

Nottingham Whites haven’t arranged anything for this, but a few are travelling on the train. Leaving Nottingham on the 8.17a.m. train arriving Ipswich 11.28 and coming back on the cheapest train available at the time of booking.

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Did you find Halloween frightening?

If you didn’t have a look at this.

20141031_202305Liam was last photographed with his his eyes shut at Middlesborough, he’s opened all our eyes now!!


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South Stand Scarves


Doncaster whites have designed and produced the above scarf, cost £10.

If anyone wants one let us know and we can help.

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Caught in the act!


Nottingham Whites chairman found to be master mind (!) behind the Jägerbombers.

Here he can be seen preparing the concoction before setting off to watch Leeds at Brentford. On this occasion it needed as many as were consumed before the Birmingham game and the first half at Bournemouth to get through the game.

Pictured below some of Richard’s followers!


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Robbo’s retired

Yes he’s finally finished with the Police and now working for the Dark(o) side!



We hear that he is now working harder than ever, but the good news is he is keeping his Saturday’s free, to join Nottingham Whites as they travel round the country supporting our team.


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Bolton Match report

Masssimo’s numbers come up!

Well those that witnessed the last three games could not be blamed if they thought of joining David Hockaday away from Elland Road this Saturday.

However after the National Lottery draw picked the side, we saw a new and improved Leeds side. Lewis Cook was my man of the match for an impressive display sitting in front of the back 4 and dominating play in the first half of the match.

Leeds new look side included Antenucci 34, Sloth 33, Cook 23, Mowatt 27 and a number 14 who spectators also assumed to be a new player but it was in fact Bianchi with a No 1 haircut.

Bellusci nearly gave the Leeds the blues when he appeared to be in trouble inside the box but an excellent sliding challenge saw him take the ball, keep the ball in play and distribute it to a Leeds player. How different things could have been if he got that one wrong.

The Leeds goal came when Warnock cut in from the left and much to his surprise he passed the ball into the far corner of the net in the 17th Minute!

The second half saw Bolton dominate play without creating clear cut openings until Beckford nearly made a mess of his intended back pass to Silvestri. In true Beckford style the adulation that he received from the Elland Road faithful for that save was as loud as any goal that he scored…well maybe one was louder…Remember the date.

For the record Leeds have 10 shots on target in the League this season so far (Source BBC Website). Which gives us a 20% success rate. The Watford goal doesn’t count as it was an own goal.

So if you are wondering about who the next Leeds manager might be look out for a Lancelot or maybe Guinevere, and if you are thinking about having a go on the lottery definitely include 23, number 1 –  looks to be a fans favourite but  you might want to avoid 31 at the moment.

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Watford Match Report. Leeds win!!!

After a few drinks in St Albans with Gareth,Tom, Paul Tyrell and South Yorkshire lads we had the unfortunate pleasure of watching Leeds United try to play football but not shoot at the opposition goal.
It was a frustrating afternoon and Watford went ahead with an header after a good save from the goalie. We scored an own goal which resulted from a cross by Sharp, after that it was all downhill. We self destructed with a soft penalty when the striker got the better of Bellusci who misjudged the flight of the ball.
He was sent off and as you can imagine it went downhill from there Byram hardly made contact with their player for his sending off bad decision by the officials Watford seemed to go to ground very easily throughout the game.
My MOM was Warnock who made a superb tackle in the box when the Watford striker was clean through.I don’t know what the answer is hopefully this Danish player will put some pace into the midfield ,Murphy disappointing again . The fans were funny as Chris Kamara was doing the commentary in the corner of where we were. Begging him to go on and he was cheering our 5 4 victory when we scored the pretend goals.

Thanks again to Mark Brinley

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Match reports!!

I would like to thank Mark Brinley for the first Nottingham Whites Match report.
Leeds United v Brighton & Hove Albion
Match report is it was a mismatch. 1st half I think we had 20% possession not a meaningful shot on goal it was shocking. 2nd half changed formation then we had plenty of ball but no shots at goal then they scored a free kick Lua Lua and there was the usual mass exodus. Probably worse than Millwall if thats possible. Brighton looked like Brazil 1970 and leeds like Brazil 2014.
Please feel free to send in your match reports, so that anyone unfortunate enough to be unable to attend can read about the game.
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Scarborough day out!

Too late you missed it.

But here are some photos, from Nottingham Whites annual trip to the seaside for you to enjoy whilst we wait for Andy Mac to send in the minutes from the latest meeting. (Click here For Scarborough). Andy’s taking that long that some members of Nottingham Whites have even been able to nip over to Ireland…and get back before we have received the minutes. Click here for Glenavon.

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